I created an award-winning book by myself with no formal training. Such a project is not for the faint of heart.

NOTE: My book is a non-fiction work about herpetology and conservation (a niche market, to be sure). This article is not intended to promote my book.

This story is meant to clarify some of the processes that went into this project for the benefit of other aspiring self-published authors. …

Regardless of your political views on the right to keep and bear arms, firearm safety and proficiency is indisputably a valuable survival skillset.

Let me be clear right off the bat. This article isn’t meant to make you like guns. I’m not here to change your views about the right to keep and bear arms. You’re going to make your own decisions about that issue.

What I am here to do is impress…

Practical Tips and Tricks to Help the Average Person Survive Extraordinary Situations

If you have been alive during 2020, you have probably felt the need for disaster preparedness.

I am not talking about kooky conspiracy theories. There are plenty of enough very real disasters and emergencies in the world without anyone having to dig around in the shadows to find them. …

A look at the available data and how we present this information

As always, when talking about snakebites, let’s start with the number one thing you should take away from the discussion.

If you see a snake that you cannot positively identify as harmless, simply leave it alone.

The next best advice is to practice situational awareness when outdoors. In other words…

Micha Petty

Lover of creeping things. I dispel myths. Master Naturalist, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Animal Rescuer. Download my book at learnaboutcritters.org

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